We are modern day bards…  A bunch of musicians, poets, story-tellers, and psychologists telling true stories about life and its meaning.

We are so pleased that you’ve dropped in to our site.

“LOVE AND ALL THAT _ _ _ _” is the debut concept album from us, M’GOO.  The album is a collection of songs inspired by moments from true stories about love, and its melange of emotions that shapes us.

Each song is linked to a story, a podcast about the main theme from that story, and video art.  The first of our releases, “I didn’t want to hear you say “I’m leaving”, is connected to a story about the abrupt walk out from a ‘perfect relationship’. The key theme from the story, “Do we ever really know the person we love?” forms the conversation of the podcast with a few psychologists, and the video incorporates poetry and visual art. 

We’d be hitting up some cities in 2017 with our show, which will showcase music, video, storytelling, and local poets, all around the themes of the true stories.  Be sure to sign up to our mailing list, so you don’t miss out on our limited scale performances and releases.

M’GOO is a collaboration of many different folks, and talents.  The songwriting team mainly comprises of Matt Warnock, Jeff Louch, and myself, along with the creative contributions of the players.  The podcasts are produced by M’GOO and written by psychologist Ava-Ann Allman and radio presenter Patricia Petit Liang.  The video art is created by Luca Rudlin from People Staring.

Thanks again for dropping by, and we hope to see you either on the road, or on-line.  Your support is very much appreciated!
Mike Meighu
Band Leader, Composer, Co-producer, Vocalist.

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